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Marcel's Batman
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My game room after five days of constructing three costumes.Recent Updates: (12.31.03) Okay, this year I waited waaaay too long to get started on these costumes (Marcel's batman costume and my last minute devil costume). Both of them were rushed jobs on limited budgets, and quickly gathered resources. Needless to say, I didn't take as many photos as I would have liked to have. So next year I'll have to get started early, especially since I would like to be able to sell duplicates of my costume creations at renfest and costume shops. I dunno, one thing at a time right??
Costume shops suck
I got this idea last year. There I was, shopping at the holloween costume shop with some friends looking for a samurai costume. I know what I want and damn it I'm going to find it. Nothing. Actually, I take that back. They did have one, but I didn't want to wear a plastic bag jumpsuit. I did that as a kid, as I'm sure we all did, and I've done my dues. I want something that looks like it just stepped out of feudal Japan. Since I waited until the last moment to shop for a costume, I was desperate. So I figured I'd throw the samurai costume on the back burner for next year (this year as it stands). I looked and I looked. Some of the costumes were pretty cool looking if you wanted to sell your first born to them. Others were okay if you could get past the fact that dozens, maybe hundreds, of sweaty geeks and nerds had been rubbing up in it before you. I know they clean them (or so I hope) but I can't get the image of one of those sweaty geeks/nerds in it. brrrrrrrrrrrrrr. But I was desperate for a cool costume and was considering it. I even got in line to take a closer look at some of the latex masks, but I came to my senses when I saw the nerd in front of me breathing in one of the masks like he had pneumonia. Fuck that. Costume shops suck ass.

Last minute Costume
(2003) Well, this year I pulled another last minute costume outta my ass since I waited so long to try and make my costume. There was no way I was going to be able to build a samurai costume in just under a week. So I panicked and hit every costume shop in town (see above entry on my opinion on most costume shops). Then it hit me. A devil costume would be simple... But, as with most projects with me, it started simple enough. Then I thought about armor plates with a cape, cloven hooves and a devil has to have horns right?? I didn't document this costume creation as I was in such a rush but I will provide a page with how-to's on it eventually with a few pictures of the costume itself.
(2002) I ended up going as a flashing priest with a strap on dildo underneath. I wore spandex shorts, a strap on, then a pair of Halloween boxers with the dildo pulled through the hole. The robe was held closed with velcro (shoulda used snaps...) and all I had to do was do the superman thing and POP it bounced right up. "Cool priest costume wher'd - *velcro ripping open* OHmygawd!!!". It was pretty cool though I didn't get any pictures. :(

The Master Plan Takes Shape
So I went home desperately trying to come up with a costume idea, a little disappointed but excited too. That hobby man in me sat up with tools in hand, and whispered "I can do that. In fact, I can to it better.". So I hit the web searching for others with my disease. There's quite a few of us out there hiding in the shelter of cluttered garages, basements and back bedrooms praying our wives don't find out what we're really doing with their casserole dishes and Henckel knives. As usual my fellow DIY'ers didn't disappoint me. I hit paydirt with a few sites giving me plans for making authentic replica samurai armor using sheet metal, leather straps, metal punches, and lots of miscellaneous stuff I already have. Then I saw how much it weighs; over 30 pounds. I'm a lazy bastard and don't want to be carrying around something that freakin heavy through a costume party. Plus I hate being sweaty. It goes back to those sweaty gaming nerds...

Back to the Drawing Board
So the sheet metal plan was out but the plans were still good. I considered cardboard and plaster to make a master copy then using rtv silicone to make a master mold, then cast the pieces in resin. A good plan if I was going to make a dozen costumes. One guy even wore his suit of cardboard and plaster. Then I thought I could do something similiar but use fiberglass on top to sand and shape. Then I ran across this site giving you detailed information on How to Build Stormtrooper Armor... That's the point it all came together. Samurai armor blue prints, ABS plastic, a drill, spray paint, leather straps, and lots of patience. Now I just have to do it. Halloween is only a few months away...